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Submit your Not-for-credit Internship for Assessment

Submit your paid employment opportunity for assessment as part of your Engineering Practice Hurdle requirement.

The below information will be used to assess your employment opportunity and its appropriateness for the Not-for-credit Internship, Engineering Practice Hurdle requirement.

If accepted, an agreement will be sent to your employer to sign. If this is returned by your employer, you will be approved to commence logging your hours and completing the activities within the Not-for-credit Internship option.

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To submit your Not-For Credit internship for Assessment, please confirm the following:
  1. You will need to undertake 350 hours of self-sourced paid work experience in a role relevant to your degree
  2. The 350 hours must be reached within a 12-month period and can include a maximum of three opportunities
  3. Please submit your application for approval to the MSE Student Enrichment Team before you start your internship/s
  4. Unfortunately we cannot backdate any internships that have already been started or completed
  5. Students will be responsible for arranging their own internship and must have the internship approved prior to using the position for the Engineering Practice Hurdle
  6. Your Host Organisation will also need to sign the University's internship agreement prior to your commencement date
  7. Internships must be in Australia
  8. Internships/work must be paid
  9. For any internships that are more than 350 hours in duration or are ongoing positions, please advise the dates that equate to 350 hours only

You can undertake a maximum of 3 internships over a 12-month period as part of this requirement. During this time, you must complete 350 hours.

Must be a date after you have submitted this form. Please allow 2- 3 weeks for approvals.
Please note, only hours undertaken after that agreement has been returned by your employer will register towards your 350 hours.

Please ensure the date is future dated after submission of this form. Unfortunately internships cannot be backdated. You have up to 12 months to complete 350 hours of paid work. Please indicate when your employment will end or when you intend to complete the required hours (whatever occurs first).

Please indicate hour many hours you intend to undertake per week. We understand that these hours may fluctuate. You can insert a range e.g. 24-38. As part of the Not-for-credit Internship requirement you will be asked to formally record your hours.

Please note, if you hold a Temporary Entry Permit a restriction may apply regarding the amount of paid employment you can undertake within a fortnight. For more information, please see here.

Name and address of Host Organisation:

All Not-for-credit Internships must take place within Australia

Host Organisation Contact:

This contact will receive correspondence from the University of Melbourne to complete paperwork which will permit you to have this employment opportunity recognised as part of the Not-for-credit, Engineering Practice Hurdle.

Tell us more about your employment opportunity

This information will be used to assess the opportunity you have secured and its appropriateness to meet the Not-for-credit Internship, Engineering Practice Hurdle requirement. Please provide detailed information about the position. Please add all information from a position description if you have one.


Please note, that by submitting this form you are complying with the following

  • You confirm that this information is true and correct
  • You are aware that this position will be assessed for its appropriateness for the Not-for-credit Internship as part of the Engineering Practice Hurdle requirement.
  • You confirm that this position is a paid, employment opportunity and an employment contract between you and the company declared within this form exists.
  • Upon approval of this employment opportunity for Not-for-credit Internship, you are aware that the company contact that you provided will be contact by the University of Melbourne and asked to sign an agreement which allows to proceed with this option. Only when this agreement is returned will you be permitted to continue with the Not-for-credit Internship option as part of the Engineering Practice Hurdle requirement.
  • You understand that the information collected in this form will be used for the purposes of the administrating your involvement in the Not-for-credit Internship option as part of the Engineering Practice Hurdle requirement.
Privacy Collection Notice

The information within this form is being collected by the Student Enrichment team at the Melbourne School of Engineering, the University of Melbourne. You can contact us at
The information you provide will be used to assess the position you have submitted and its appropriateness for the Not-for-credit Engineering Practice Hurdle requirement. The information will be used by authorised staff for the purpose for which it was collected, and will be protected against unauthorised access and use. Your information may be made available to accreditation bodies, including Engineers Australia and iChemE to comply with reporting requirements in relation to your accredited degree program. If you do not provide all the information requested on this form we may not be able to assess your opportunity for the purposes of the Not-for-credit Engineering Practice Hurdle requirement. This may affect your ability to meet your Engineering Practice Hurdle requirement within your degree program. The University of Melbourne is committed to protecting personal information provided by you in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic). All information collected by the University is governed by the University's Privacy Policy. For further information about how the University deals with personal information, please refer to the University's Privacy Policy or contact the University's Privacy Officer at

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