FEIT Research Project Database

Exploring Haptics for Virtual Reality

Project Leader: Jarrod Knibbe
Collaborators: Maxime Cordeil (UQ) Michael Wybrow (Monash)
Primary Contact: Jarrod Knibbe (jarrod.knibbe@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: human-computer interaction; robotics
Disciplines: Computing and Information Systems,Electrical & Electronic Engineering

One of the great challenges of virtual reality is that you can't actually touch stuff - you can't feel it's texture, weight, heat, etc. There are two broad camps trying to address this: the Accuracy camp and the Naturalness camp.
The accuracy camp wants you to experience material properties as accurately as possible, so they build specialist controllers, shape changing materials, micro-drones, etc. The naturalness camp wants you to be unencumbered by controllers, so they use illusions.
We have no allegiance to either camp and are actively exploring opportunities across both. We are excited about building physical, shape-changing devices that can accurately convey one or more material properties. We are also interested in exploring novel interaction opportunities for experiencing touch sensations without the need for specialist hardware.
We are inspired by work such as Grabbity, the Claw, Inform, and Haptic Retargeting.