FEIT Research Project Database

Natural Language processing or Facial Recognition in understanding human-human interactions in engineering design

Project Leader: Katja Holtta-Otto
Collaborators: Daniel Beck - Computer Science
Primary Contact: Katja Holtta-Otto (katja.holttaotto@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: artificial intelligence; deep learning; machine learning
Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering

Understanding the people we develop products for and with, has gained increasing attention, and novel emerging methods are being developed to study empathic undersanding and teamwork in design. In this project, we explore emerging technologies such as facial emotion recognition and natural language processing as part of early stage product development and research. The goal is to develop and validate a measure for engineering design relevant human-human understanding. Depending on the candidate's interst, the focus can be on user understanding (empathy), team work or something else, and the candidate can explore either facial recogniton or natural language processing as the approach. Basic skills in Python and overall interest in data driven desgin will help you succeed in this project.