FEIT Research Project Database

User centred design of technology push products

Project Leader: Katja Holtta-Otto
Primary Contact: Katja Holtta-Otto (katja.holttaotto@unimelb.edu.au)
Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering

User related reasons are the most common reason for new product failure decade after decade. Accordingly, user centred design has become increasingly popular also in engineering. In high tech areas, most products are technology push rather than market pull type products and it can be more challenging to do user centred design in those areas. This research will explore various user centred design strategies including early prototyping in high tech areas and develop evidence-based strategies for successful high tech innovation. This project can be done in collaboration with a technology development team on campus, be focused in high tech in general, or in any one particular field, such as medical devices. The work will involve prototyping and user testing.

Current work in this project is related to novel user centerd augmented reality techonlogy for hospital use.