FEIT Research Project Database

Hydrological processes in forested catchments

Project Leader: Andrew Western
Collaborators: Professor Patrick Baker (School of Forest and Ecosystem Science)
Primary Contact: Andrew Western (a.western@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: hydrology; remote sensing; Soil Moisture; water quality; water resources
Disciplines: Infrastructure Engineering

The School of Forest and Ecosystems Science and Department of Infrastructure Engineering with others is establishing a large, long-term forest dynamics plots to provide the empirical foundations for better understanding the nature and consequences of these critical ecological changes. The site will provide fundamental insights into forest ecosystems, the flora and fauna associated with them, and how they change over time. This PhD project will investigate the water dynamics of the forest plot and further our understanding of forest ecohydrology more generally. The project will involve extensive field experimentation and can also include a significant hydrological modelling component.