FEIT Research Project Database

Dynamic Evaluation of Soil-Retaining Structures under Train/Vehicle Impact Load

Project Leader: Negin Yousefpour
Staff: Prof. Nelson Lam; Prof. Priyan Mendis
Collaborators: Safety Barrier Production Firms
Primary Contact: Negin Yousefpour (negin.yousefpour@unimelb.edu.au)
Disciplines: Infrastructure Engineering

Behavior of soil-retaining barriers under dynamic impact load from vehicle collision is the focus of this research project. There is a lack in the current guidelines in Australia for optimum design of soil-retaining systems that take into consideration the nonlinear soil-structure behavior during impact. This study will focus on advanced FEM simulations on such systems to provide more rigorous guidelines to improve the design process, by more accurate estimate of load distribution, soil behavior. and reduced dimensions for piles and retaining wall structures. The simulations will be validated by lab and field testing in collaboration with industry partners.