FEIT Research Project Database

Energy transfer effects of stratification and rotation on mixing efficiency

Project Leader: Joseph Klewicki
Staff: Jimmy Philip
Collaborators: Prof Colm-cille Caulfield (University of Cambridge)
Primary Contact: Prof Joseph Klewicki (klewicki@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: fluid dynamics; fluid mechanics
Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering

This project aims to clarify and characterise the energy transfer mechanisms between the different sized eddies in turbulent fluid flows whose dynamics are influenced by density stratification or large-scale rotation. The project is scientifically significant and will deliver a benefit to society due to the fact these energy transfer mechanisms are important to ocean mixing, and that turbulent mixing is central to accurately predicting geophysical phenomena (eg, the ocean energy balance).

The primary outcomes that this project targets are: describing quantitatively how energy is exchanged between eddies of varying sizes as a function of the density stratification and rotation parameters, and elucidating how these processes influence the overall mixing efficiency.

This project could engage up to three PhD students.