FEIT Research Project Database

The transitional and turbulent structure of rotating disk boundary layers

Project Leader: Joseph Klewicki
Collaborators: Prof P Henrik Alfredsson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Primary Contact: Prof Joseph Klewicki (klewicki@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: fluid dynamics; fluid mechanics
Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering

Design optimisation in areas of energy, materials processing, manufacturing and aerodynamics often depends on fluid flows that are adjacent to surfaces (wall-flows). Many such flows are three-dimensional (3-D). At present, 3-D wall-flows are poorly understood and thus this project aims to provide the first comprehensive study of the prototypical 3-D wall-flow on a rotating disk. Experiments in a bespoke facility will cover the important flow regimes (transitional and turbulent), and novel sensors will quantify the detailed 3-D flow structure. By clarifying critical instability scenarios and revealing turbulent flow scaling structure, this project will fundamentally advance the physical understanding and analytical and computational models of 3-D wall-flows.

This project could engage up to three PhD students.