FEIT Research Project Database

Development of a 3D Digital Cadastral Database (3D-DCDB)

Project Leader: Davood Shojaei
Staff: Behnam Atazadeh
Primary Contact: Davood Shojaei (shojaeid@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: data structures; database systems; land administration
Disciplines: Infrastructure Engineering
Research Centre: Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration

There are different processes in urban land administration, in which 3D data query and analysis plays an underpinning role. However, due to the lack of a unified 3D spatial database system, using 3D land and property data in current urban land administration processes is limited in focus, such as modelling and visualising 3D data. In response to this limitation, 3D data needs to be stored in a spatial database to enable 3D spatial query and analysis required by different stakeholders.

3D data models, such as Industry Foundation Class (IFC) and CityGML standards, provide the potential entities for modelling urban properties. In this research, a 3D spatial database schema will be developed to support the required queries and analysis in 3D-enabled urban land administration. To demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed database schema, a 3D digital model of a complex building will be implemented in the 3D spatial database and the efficiency of the designed schema will tested by performing a wide range of 3D spatial queries.