FEIT Research Project Database

Creating clean fuels from waste

Project Leader: Mohsen Talei
Collaborators: Future Fuels CRC
Primary Contact: Mohsen Talei (mohsen.talei@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: biofuel; combustion and emissions; fluid mechanics
Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering

Our recent article in Pursuit highlights the significant potential of waste to decarbonise the transport sector:

Creating clean transport fuels from waste

As highlighted here, one of the challenges is to set appropriate limits to the level of impurities in these fuels. We need to make sure that these fuels are safe for the end-users and are also cost-competitive.

This project aims to address this gap through a comprehensive computational and experimental program in close collaboration with industry partners operating the Australian natural gas network.

Further information: https://www.futurefuelscrc.com/