FEIT Research Project Database

Recycling construction demolition waste to manufacture sustainable construction materials

Project Leader: Tuan Ngo
Staff: Prof Tuan Ngo, Prof Nelson Lam, Dr Rackel San Nicolas, Dr Tuan Nguyen
Collaborators: Dr Jun Wang (Deakin University) Mr Ruifeng Lin (Sycamore)
Primary Contact: Tuan Nguyen (tuan.nguyen@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: civil engineering; finite element modelling; sustainable systems
Disciplines: Infrastructure Engineering

The building and construction sector in Australia produces a significant amount of construction demolition waste (CDW) annually, and more than 35% of CDW becomes landfill. The project will develop advanced material processing and manufacturing processes that incorporate CDW into high-value construction materials (eg: bricks, pavers, concrete). The project activities involve reprocessing CDW into high-quality, recycled aggregates, developing suitable mixtures for lightweight, high-performance and low-cost construction materials and evaluating and enhancing the multi-functional performance (mechanical, thermal and acoustic) of the material. The project will also develop multi-physics finite element (FE) modelling and AI-powered predictive frameworks to predict and optimise the properties of the material.

Further information: https://findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/profile/6717-tuan-ngo