FEIT Research Project Database

Structured networked control systems

Project Leader: Dragan Nesic
Staff: Dragan Nesic
Collaborators: Alejandro Maass (DEEE), Romain Postoyan (CNRS, Nancy, France) Maurice Heemels (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands) Andy Teel (UC Santa Barbara, USA)
Sponsors: Australian Research Council
Primary Contact: Dragan Nesic (dnesic@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: advanced control architectures; control and signal processing; defence
Disciplines: Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Networked control systems are an emerging technology that combines control, communication and computation to deliver solutions for a range of manufacturing, safety-critical infrastructure, such as transport, defence and other Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. The current analysis and design approaches often take a ‘monolithic’ view of the system, which render them inadequate for addressing many important IIoT applications. This proposal will exploit specific features and structure of the plant, the communication network and the distributed computation to provide an analysis and design methodology which will deliver significant advances in control and optimised performance of IIoT with benefits to the economy and society.

A range of manufacturing, safety-critical infrastructure, such as transport, and defence applications will increasingly rely on engineered solutions that exploit a fusion of control, communication and computation to control and optimise their performance. Further, companies globally are moving towards ‘digitalization of their business’ and they want to use Internet of Things as a paradigm that drives their transformation. This project will deliver fundamental research on networked control systems that will enable significant advances in control, robustness and performance to deliver benefits to a range of novel applications and make IoT/IIoT a reality. The potential benefits to the economy and society are enormous, including improvements in productivity and outputs in manufacturing and process industries, transportation and communication, energy efficiency, reduced pollution, regulation of our built environments and sophisticated devices for medical applications.

This project is currently funded through the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Grants program and PhD candidates would be expected to closely work with my international collaborators and the research fellow employed through this grant.