FEIT Research Project Database

Using renewable hydrogen in gas turbines

Project Leader: Yi Yang
Collaborators: Mohsen Talei, Michael Brear
Sponsors: Future Fuels CRC
Primary Contact: Yi Yang (yi.yang@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: renewable energy
Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering

The rapid transition to a zero-emission economy will very likely require massive increases in the use of hydrogen. Green hydrogen made from renewable energy can play a major part in this transition, for use in advanced gas turbines and other industrial devices. However, gas turbines need to use green hydrogen safely and efficiently, and burning hydrogen at high pressures creates unique challenges. This includes the possibility of instabilities in the combustor that can tear the engine apart.

The PhD project is to develop an experimental facility to study how hydrogen addition affects turbulent premixed flame stability as pressure increases up to 30 times atmospheric.