FEIT Research Project Database

Digitally networked dynamical systems: performance and robustness analysis

Project Leader: Michael Cantoni
Staff: Ye Pu
Collaborators: Chung-Yao Kao (NSYSU)
Sponsors: ARC
Primary Contact: Michael Cantoni (cantoni@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: control and signal processing; networked control systems; optimisation; signals and systems; systems theory
Disciplines: Electrical & Electronic Engineering

The project aim is to advance mathematical and computational tools for analysing collections of dynamical systems that are able to interact with each other by the digital exchange of information. The significance of this aim stems from the emergence and growing complexity and scale of such cyber-physical networks in diverse domains, including agriculture, manufacturing, transport, and infrastructure management. The expected outcomes will broaden the scope for exploring achievable performance in the design and deployment of systems that leverage networked interaction for operational gains.

Two main research directions will be pursued:

  1. Development of an input–output framework for assessing the robust performance properties of networked systems under varying and uncertain sample timing, communication delays, link quantisation, and non-linearities in the component physical dynamics
  2. Implementation of corresponding computational tools for the analysis of cyber-physical networks, with attention paid to the exploitation of structure to ensure scalability in particular.

The first direction lies in the broad area of mathematical systems theory and control, and the second direction also intersects with the area of numerical optimisation. The premise of the project is that the proposed input-output perspective will be fruitful in terms of achieving scalability in analysis and computation.

There is scope for training PhD students with a strong interest and background in applied mathematics. General interest in control and signal processing is also desirable.