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Investigation of water expression of thickened suspensions using high pressure dewatering rolls

Project Leader: Anthony Stickland
Staff: Peter Scales
Sponsors: ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals
Primary Contact: Anthony Stickland (stad@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: mineral processing; particle technology; separation processes; solid-liquid systems; suspension rheology
Disciplines: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

A novel solid–liquid separation device developed by the University of Melbourne, High Pressure Dewatering Rolls, has been demonstrated at lab-scale for a range of materials to give comparable performance to high pressure filtration but in a continuous and flexible system*. For the minerals industry, which produces large volumes of minerals tailings, high pressure is required to produce stackable tailings, and our new technology has distinct advantages to other techniques. This project will provide the necessary steps to commercialise the new technology through demonstrating its performance for minerals tailings (in particular the stackability of the product), modelling the solid-liquid separation process, optimising process conditions, and determining cost effectiveness. Dr Stickland is the primary supervisor.

*Höfgen E, Collini D, Batterham RJ, Scales PJ, Stickland AD (2019), ‘High pressure dewatering rolls: Comparison of a novel prototype to existing industrial technology’, Chem. Eng. Sci., 205, 106-120

Further information: https://coeminerals.org.au/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/332228718_High_Pressure_Dewatering_Rolls_Comparison_of_a_Novel_Prototype_to_Existing_Industrial_Technology