FEIT Research Project Database

Creating subject-specific mathematical models to understand the brain

Project Leader: David Grayden
Staff: Philippa Karoly, Mark Cook
Collaborators: Levin Kuhlmann (Monash University)
Sponsors: Australian Research Council
Primary Contact: David Grayden (grayden@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: biomedical engineering; computational neuroscience; electroencephalogram EEG; neural engineering; neural models
Disciplines: Biomedical Engineering

This project aims to develop a mathematical framework that bridges the different scales of brain activities to provide a new tool for understanding the brain. Methods will be developed that unify individual neural activity with large scale brain activity. The approach will be validated by comparing predictions of interconnected models of neural populations (called mean-field models) to experimental data. The creation of subject-specific models from data is important, as there is large variability in neural circuits between individuals despite seemingly similar network activity.