FEIT Research Project Database

Mechanical response of subchondral bone to fatigue loading

Project Leader: Fatemeh Malekipour
Staff: Peter Lee
Collaborators: Chris Whitton (FVAS)
Primary Contact: Fatemeh Malekipour (fmal@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: biomechanics; biomedical engineering; finite element modelling; micro-computed tomography
Disciplines: Biomedical Engineering,Mechanical Engineering

Excessive magnitude/repetition of mechanical load can lead to stress fractures and joint injury. Changes in the microstructure of the bone near the joint surface, ie, subchondral bone, can alter the mechanical balance of the joint tissue and lead to chronic joint diseases including osteoarthritis. Thus, understanding the structure-function of the subchondral bone tissue is essential to understand the bone and joint disease.

In the biomechanics group, we are interested in performing mechanical testing and combine with computational modelling to answer several questions regarding the influence of microstructure and microdamage on the mechanical behaviour of bone tissue under static and dynamic loading conditions. This project will investigate the performance of subchondral bone tissue under fatigue loading and combined with finite element modelling investigate the stress-state within bone tissue. The overall aim is to understand the relationship between microstructure, microdamage and mechanical function. Experiments will be performed on bone tissue and combined with micro-computed tomography imaging and finite element modelling.