MSE Research Project Database

Transfer learning in industry applied data science

Project Leader: Goce Ristanoski
Staff: Ling Luo
Primary Contact: Goce Ristanoski (
Keywords: artificial intelligence; data mining; machine learning
Disciplines: Computing and Information Systems

The use of machine learning via data science practices in industry has been gaining quite a momentum in the recent years. With more standardised libraries in Python and R, the work in data science areas is more organised and systematic. The trend of standardisation continues with the development of models in transfer learning – where the model constructed for one problem can be transferred to use for another problem. This project will be a research project, focusing on development of transfer learning paradigms for applied data science, and working with industry datasets. The work may also include use of Big Data platforms (AWS or Azure).

Expected background: programming in R/Python, some knowledge of AWS/Azure, strong knowledge of machine learning.