FEIT Research Project Database

Stentrode stimulation: long term safety and efficacy of stentrode stimulation of the brain

Project Leader: Sam John
Staff: David Grayden
Primary Contact: Sam John (sam.john@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: neuroengineering
Disciplines: Biomedical Engineering
Research Centre: Neuroengineering Research Laboratory

Tissue responses to stentrode implantation and endovascular stimulation influences the function and effectiveness of the stentrode. In particular, endovascular stimulation can result in both acute and chronic tissue response. However, little is known about the acute and chronic effects of implantation and stimulation on the surrounding blood vessel. It is therefore important to quantify the histological, macroscopic and functional changes that can occur as a result of both stentrode implantation and active electrical stimulation. This project aims to evaluate the acute and chronic tissue responses to endovascular stimulation.