FEIT Research Project Database

Coding techniques for secure control

Project Leader: Ye Pu
Primary Contact: Ye Pu (ye.pu@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: autonomous systems; control and signal processing; cybersecurity; real-time control
Disciplines: Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Modern control systems are being connected to networks (eg, the Internet) and integrated with a large number of subsystems (eg, the modern power grids with renewable power generation devices and the future transportation system with self-driving cars), which bring new risk and challenges. With an increasing number of devices and the need for flexible deployments, wireless communication become the dominating method for information exchange and a key feature of modern networked control systems. However, wireless communication channels are known to be vulnerable to eavesdroppers and cyber attacks because of their physical nature. Attacks can happen in different parts of the system. Examples include the scenario where signals transmitted by actuators are modified by attackers, and the scenario where the sensor reading is changed before transmission. In this project, we focus on developing novel coding and control strategies address these different scenarios.