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Cloudlets for secure human-to-machine (H2M) applications

Project Leader: Elaine Wong
Student: Sourav Mondal
Collaborators: Prof. Goutam Das (Indian Institute of Technology - Khragpur)
Primary Contact: Elaine Wong (
Keywords: artificial intelligence; distributed and cloud computing; optical networks; reinforcement learning
Disciplines: Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Future real-time and remotely-controlled human-to-machine (H2M) applications such as teleoperation and telemedicine will need to be supported by communication infrastructures that incur very low and stringent end-to-end communication latency of approximately 1 to 10 ms. Cloudlets, part of the multi-access edge computing paradigm, are distributed computing/storage resources placed close to end-users to relieve computation/storage pressures of their mobile devices while maintaining satisfactory quality-of-experience for users. The utlisation of cloudlets in H2M supported communication networks are being explored to reduce the communication latency. So far, there has been very little insight into computation offload algorithms and/or optimised cloudlet network planning for the purpose of enhancing latency performance.

This project is presently recruiting PhD candidate(s) with a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and/or Computer Science. Interested candidates with a keen interest in experimental investigation and analytical modelling, are encouraged to contact Prof. Wong. The successful candidate(s) will be mentored by a team of leading experts with pioneering contributions in broadband access networks, game theory, converged fibre-wireless networks, human-to-machine communication networks, Internet-of-Things, optical wireless networks, and the Tactile Internet.

Relevant research papers

S. Mondal, G. Das, and E. Wong, “An Analytical Cost-Optimal Cloudlet Placement Framework over Fiber-Wireless Networks with Quasi-Convex Latency Constraint,” Electronics: Special Issue on Optical Communications and Networks, 8 (4), 404, 2019. [Please contact Prof Wong to access these papers.

S. Mondal, G. Das, and E. Wong, “Computation Offloading in Optical Access Cloudlet Networks: A Game-Theoretic Approach,” IEEE Communications Letters, 22 (8), 1564-1567, 2018.

S. Mondal, G. Das, and E. Wong, “CCOMPASSION: A Hybrid Cloudlet Placement Framework over Passive Optical Access Network,” in Proc. of IEEE IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2018), 216-224, 2018

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