MSE Research Project Database

Using voice assistants for learning

Project Leader: Tilman Dingler
Staff: Vassilis Kostakos
Student: Niels van Berkel, Danula Hettiachi
Primary Contact: Tilman Dingler (
Keywords: engineering education; Internet of Things (IoT); speech recognition; ubiquitous computing
Disciplines: Computing and Information Systems

In recent years, ambient voice assistants or 'smart speakers' have increasingly become ubiquitous in people's homes in the form of Amazon Echo and Google Home. The use of these systems beyond retrieving weather information and setting egg timers is an active research area. 

In this project, we aim to investigate the use of these ambient auditory (and also visual) displays to support learning tasks, such as language learning, but also integrating voice assistant content into online courses. Bringing lectures and talks into the living room will allow users to study and repeat learning content during opportune moments.