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Novel interaction techniques for virtual and augmented reality

Project Leader: Eduardo Velloso
Primary Contact: Eduardo Velloso (
Keywords: artificial intelligence; interaction design
Disciplines: Computing and Information Systems
Research Centre: Microsoft Centre for Social NUI (SOCIALNUI)

New and emergent technologies are revolutionising how we interact with digial content. In particular, mixed, virtual, and augmented reality headsets are now enabling new kinds of interactions that require us to rethink how we develop interactive experiences. This project aims at exploring the design space of interaction techniques and applications for mixed reality by extending it with multimodal sensing. We will explore combinations of gesture, touch, eye tracking, among others to augment what can be achieved with these devices. The project will be hosted by the Interaction Design Lab at the University of Melbourne, with state-of-the-art mixed reality facilities, including a range of virtual reality devices (eg: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift), augmented reality devices (eg: Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leap), and other sensors (eg: Tobii Eye trackers, OptiTrack motion capture). 

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