FEIT Research Project Database

An ICME framework for designing sintered materials

Project Leader: Tesfaye Molla
Collaborators: Graham Schaffer (Mechanical Engineering), Zhe Liu (Mechanical Engineering), Christian Brandl (Mechanical Engineering)
Sponsors: The University of Melbourne
Primary Contact: Tesfaye Molla (tesfaye.molla@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: 3D printing; computational materials science; machine learning; numerical modelling
Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering

This project aims to demonstrate an approach to designing new and advanced materials from powders by using an Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) frameworks. Traditional design of sintered materials occurs through a cumbersome process, requiring thousands of experiments that results in long development times and higher costs. This project expects to address these problem by using experimentally validated computational design codes. The expected outcome includes an ICME design framework that can optimise the material’s composition, as well as sintering parameters, with the aim of improving properties. This should benefit industries that rely on powder-based processing techniques including 3D printing to achieve quality at a significantly reduced time and cost.

Interested in developing advanced powder-based materials? You are welcome as there are positions for PhD studies.