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Exploratory data analytics to discover models of project performance in construction industry

Project Leader: Saman Halgamuge
Staff: Saman Halgamuge
Collaborators: Dr Toon. K. Chan (School of Design)
Primary Contact: Saman Halgamuge (
Keywords: artificial intelligence; data mining
Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering

Project management software refers to applications that were designed to facilitate project delivery and make it more efficient. Existing solutions used in industry help project professionals manage the massive amounts of information generated between people and organisations involved. The level of complexity involved in project delivery has also increased in recent years with a total of 199 million activities, 55 million documents and 130 million emails across key processes in the top ten infrastructure programs. Current research is focused on utilising data analytics to develop predictive models as the industry looks to improve efficiencies and prevent cost overruns. We propose an exploratory approach of utilising Deep Neural Networks to discover the models of project performance using data supplied by construction industry. The key idea is to examine the rich data that is available on project management collaboration platforms and to present these to the model in increasingly volume and complexity.

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