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Computational model of joint breakdown with arthritis

Project Leader: Kathryn Stok
Staff: Zihui Li
Student: Mateus Silva Oliveira
Primary Contact: Kathryn Stok (
Keywords: biomechanics; cartilage; mechanobiology; micro-computed tomography; musculoskeletal modelling
Disciplines: Biomedical Engineering

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a joint disorder associated with pain and functional limitations, which affects not only the elderly population but also young and middle-aged adults. According to the 2014–15 National Health Survey, OA affects about 9% of the Australian population, leading to a decrease in the life quality of patients and costing the healthcare system billions of dollars each year. Despite decades of intensive research, the disease-specific features of OA development remain poorly understood. The current challenge of studying disease development of OA is in detecting the time-dependent structural-mechanical features in multiple tissues, including articular cartilage and subchondral bone. The proposed resaerch aims to develop micro-finite element (micro-FE) models from in vivo microCT images, to reveal the time-course of mechanical properties in the knee joint during disease development and in treatment regimens.