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Mechanobiology of tissue-engineered microenvironments

Project Leader: Kathryn Stok
Student: Manula Rathnayake
Primary Contact: Kathryn Stok (
Keywords: biomaterials; biomechanics; bioprinting; cartilage; mechanobiology
Disciplines: Biomedical Engineering

Successful strategies for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM) require improved quantitative feedback and outcome parameters that can be incorporated into the design cycle. The goal of TERM products are constructs which closely mimic the functional integrity of the native tissue.An important measure of success in TE products is the interaction between cells and matrix production which attain and maintain the integrity of TE material within the biological system.

It is the aim of this work to provide a comprehensive description of the matrix mechanobiological microenvironment for the three distinct cartilage types – hyaline, elastic and fibrocartilage.  To do this, we will develop a tissue-model for manipulation of chondrocyte expression patterns and define a roadmap for future cartilage TE strategies.