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Bridging the Gaps in visual awareness

Project Leader: Hinze Hogendoorn
Staff: Anthony Burkitt
Collaborators: Dr. Hinze Hogendoorn (Psychology)
Primary Contact: Hinze Hogendoorn (
Keywords: biomedical engineering; biosignals; electroencephalogram EEG; neural engineering; neuroengineering
Disciplines: Biomedical Engineering

We are briefly blind every time we make an eye movement. This is called saccadic suppression, and it is something we rarely notice in daily life. The brain stitches together the visual input from before and after the eye movement into a smooth stream of consciousness. But what happens to the time “lost” in between? This projects uses eye-tracking and EEG to investigate what mechanisms are responsible for bridging the gaps that result from our eye movements.

Currently seeking postgraduate (PhD) research student for this project.

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