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Surfing the rhythm of visual perception

Project Leader: Hinze Hogendoorn
Staff: Anthony Burkitt
Collaborators: Dr Hinze Hogendoorn (Psychology)
Primary Contact: Anthony Burkitt (
Keywords: biomedical engineering; biosignals; electroencephalogram EEG; neural engineering; neuroengineering
Disciplines: Biomedical Engineering

Our experience of time is smooth and continuous, but many of the underlying neural mechanisms have been shown to be discrete, like the sequential frames of a video file. We recently showed that the “shutter” that samples visual input, not only determines what we see and when, but whether we are able to act and react. This project uses a combination of EEG and eye-tracking to study how else the rhythm of this “shutter” limits what we see and do.

Currently seeking postgraduate (PhD) research student for this project.

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