FEIT Research Project Database

Time Dependent Subsurface Mechanical Behaviour Due to CO2 Injection

Project Leader: Hossein Agheshlui
Staff: Stephan Matthai
Primary Contact: Hossein Agheshlui (hossein.agheshlui@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: civil engineering; finite element modelling; numerical modelling; programming languages
Disciplines: Infrastructure Engineering

Mechanical behaviour of subsurface due to CO2 injection is a key consideration for CO2 geo-sequestration projects. Hence, mechanical modelling is an important step in understanding the behaviour of a geological CO2 storage site and the risks associated with it. The pressure change due to CO2 injection is a time dependent phenomenon which causes varying levels of ground deflection and stress states in subsurface at injection and post-injection stages. This PhD project aims at investigating this behaviour by developing detailed geological models and conducting coupled mechanical-hydraulic simulations on them.