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A novel application of recycled glass in lightweight concrete

Project Leader: Tuan Ngo
Staff: Prof Priyan Mendis, A/Prof Lu Aye, Dr Guillermo Narsilio, Dr Ailar Hajimohammadi, Dr Ali Kashani
Collaborators: Mr Damien Crough (PrefabAus)
Sponsors: Sustainability Victoria, Australian Packaging Covenant
Primary Contact: A/Prof Tuan Ngo (
Keywords: civil engineering; geopolymers; sustainable systems
Disciplines: Infrastructure Engineering
Domains: Optimisation of resources and infrastructure

Recycled glass fines (RGF) will be used as a sustainable source to make stronger but cheaper lightweight concrete. RGF is deemed to replace less sustainable and more expensive silica-reach materials of concrete such as washed fine sand, silica fume and water-glass (i.e. an alkali solution to make environmental friendly geopolymer concrete). The outcomes can increase the end-usages of RGF and circumvent its environmental issues as well as having economic benefits of a sustainable manufacturing.

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