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A green lightweight composite panel system using recycled tyres

Project Leader: Tuan Ngo
Staff: Prof Priyan Mendis, A/Prof Lu Aye, Dr Guillermo Narsilio, Dr Mahdi Miri Disfani
Sponsors: Tyre Stewardship Australia
Primary Contact: A/Prof Tuan Ngo (
Keywords: civil engineering; geopolymers; sustainable systems
Disciplines: Infrastructure Engineering
Domains: Optimisation of resources and infrastructure

This study investigated the incorporation of recycled tyre crumb (RTC) in lightweight concrete as a sustainable option with the perspective of the future commercial application. The lightweight concrete with RTC revealed improved sound and thermal insulation and lower water permeability as well as impact resistant and high energy adsorption. The outcomes can increase the end-usages of RTC and circumvent its environmental issues as well as having economic benefits of a sustainable manufacturing.


  1. Kashani, A., Ngo, T. D., Mendis, P., Black, J. R., & Hajimohammadi, A. (2017). A sustainable application of recycled tyre crumbs as insulator in lightweight cellular concrete. Journal of Cleaner Production.


Further information:

Micro-CT scan images of RTC - black spots: pores, dark grey spots: tyre crumbs and light grey spots: hydrated cement.