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An innovative light weight composite panel system for high speed modular construction

Project Leader: Tuan Ngo
Staff: Prof Priyan Mendis
Collaborators: Prof Hong Hao (Curtin University) Prof Jose L. Torero (The University of Queensland) Prof Jay Sanjayan (Swinburne University of Technology) Mr David Visser (Speedpanel Australia Ltd)
Sponsors: Australian Research Council, Speedpanel Australia Ltd
Primary Contact: A/Prof Tuan Ngo (
Keywords: civil engineering; energy efficiency; geopolymers; numerical modelling
Disciplines: Infrastructure Engineering
Domains: Optimisation of resources and infrastructure

This proposed project aims to develop an innovative composite panel system using aerated geopolymer and a thin high strength steel casing. The new panel system will have a number of significant enhancements compared to the traditional panels in terms of load resistance, much lower carbon footprint and life-cycle costs. It will offer desirable properties, such as being light-weight, easy to construct, economical, recyclable and reusable. A significant gap in knowledge exists in the material and system behaviour of the aerated geopolymer and its fire performance. A comprehensive research program will be carried out to address those challenges and to provide design guidelines to rapidly progress this technologies in Australia and overseas.


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Further information:

Lightweight SIP with steel shell and foam concrete core (Photograph courtesy of Speedpanel Australia Ltd)
Microscopic images of fly ash geopolymers foamed with aluminium powder