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Project Leader: Rajkumar Buyya
Primary Contact: Rajkumar Buyya (
Keywords: cloud computing
Disciplines: Computing and Information Systems
Domains: Convergence of engineering and IT with the life sciences, Optimisation of resources and infrastructure
Research Centre: Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Laboratory

The Cloudbus project is an initiative that started in 2008 by the CLOUDS lab at the University of Melbourne. The project developed innovative solutions for market-oriented Cloud computing. The current innovative developments include:

  • Aneka, a platform for developing and managing Cloud computing applications from market-oriented perspective.
  • Cloudbus, a framework for internetworking of Cloud service providers, dynamically creating federated computing environments, and scaling of distributed applications.
  • CloudSim, a simulation framework that allows researchers to control every aspect of a Cloud environment: algorithms, platforms, and infrastructure.
  • Workflow Engine, a management platform that facilitates the creation, deployment and monitoring of complex applications modeled in a systematic and orderly manner in Cloud computing environments.

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