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Service innovation in the digital age

Project Leader: Christoph Breidbach
Primary Contact: Christoph Breidbach (
Disciplines: Computing and Information Systems
Domains: Networks and data in society

Information technology is critical for many services, and service settings are critical contexts of use for information technology (IT). Therefore, the need to further investigate the role of IT in service has been identified as a key research priority for service science, the interdisciplinary study of value co-creation in service sytems. By the same reasoning, understanding the implications of service also emerged as an increasingly important area of inquiry for information systems research. Previous studies at the intersection of information systems and service research acknowledged that IT has implications for service firms in strategy, development, and execution, for example, by increasing profitability, by being a source of innovation, or by enabling new customer-firm interactions.

This project aims to explain the role and impact of IT in service more deeply. I am interested in supervising high-achieving Master and PhD students. You should have a background in information systems, marketing, management or any other social science, and be interested in interdisciplinary research related to service innovation and digital transformation.