FEIT Research Project Database

Topological feedback entropy for nonlinear control

Project Leader: Girish Nair
Primary Contact: Girish Nair (gnair@unimelb.edu.au)
Keywords: control and signal processing; networked control systems
Disciplines: Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Domains: Networks and data in society, Optimisation of resources and infrastructure

The topological feedback entropy (TFE) of a fully observed, deterministic, continuous, nonlinear plant measures the lowest rate at which it must generate information in order to be able to keep state trajectories within a specified compact set [ Nair et al, IEEE Trans Automatic Control, 2004]. It is an adaptation of the classical concept of topological entropy from dynamical systems theory. In this project, the aim will be to extend TFE to handle partial observations, discontinuous dynamics, and/or bounded disturbances, and to then explore the use of TFE in analysing networked coordination problems with multiple nonlinear agents.

Some other relevant literature is [Colonius and Kawan, MCSS, 2011; Hagihara and Nair, 2013; Kawan and Delvenne, IEEE Trans. Control of Netw. Syst, 2015].