MSE Research Project Database

Optimal design of large scale mechatronic systems

Project Leader: Chris Manzie
Staff: Marcus Brazil, Doreen Thomas, Hyam Rubenstein
Sponsors: Australian Turntable Company
Primary Contact: Chris Manzie (
Keywords: numerical modelling; optimisation; optimisation and programming languages
Disciplines: Electrical & Electronic Engineering,Mechanical Engineering
Domains: Optimisation of resources and infrastructure

This project is an industry based PhD opportunity focusing on developing methodologies for the optimal design of mechatronic systems. This will involve the use of optimisation techniques in conjunction with computational mechanics software to develop improved structures that meet specified design requirements. To demonstrate the methodology, the student will work closely with the industry mentor, Australian Turntable Company in Bendigo, on application to next generation vehicle turntables. These designs are expected to have international deployment opportunities in sectors including mining and construction.