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Information retrieval: Evaluation of NUI for dynamic query systems

Project Leader: Katrina Franks
Staff: Justin Zobel Alistair Moffat
Collaborators: Peter Bailey (Microsoft) David Hawking (Microsoft) Bodo von Billerbeck (Microsoft)
Sponsors: Microsoft
Primary Contact: Katrina Franks (
Disciplines: Computing and Information Systems
Domains: Networks and data in society
Research Centre: Microsoft Centre for Social NUI (SOCIALNUI)

Dynamic query suggestions (DQS) are the queries (or answers) presented to users in the course of typing a query into a search box, and typically change with each additional key stroke. 

This research project aims to examine multiple design and effectiveness aspects of current and future DQS systems, with an emphasis on experiences that support mobility hardware scenarios (phones, tablets, shared large screens, augmented reality systems etc.).

It is anticipated that in these hardware scenarios, NUI techniques will be incorporated in ways that traditional PC browser-based scenarios have not required. Existing effectiveness evaluation techniques have been targeted at these traditional DQS environments.

The goal of the project overall is to design, develop and deploy DQS prototypes that incorporate such NUI techniques, and to experiment with and measure their use among a number of user populations. As with most information interaction research, an extensive component of this work will likely require the development of novel evaluation models and effectiveness measures, while using a suite of proven experimental evaluation methods.

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