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The Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network for the Education Investment Fund

Project Leader: Richard Sinnott
Staff: Luca Morandini Ivo Widjaja Muhammed Sarwar Marcos Nino-Ruiz Philip Greenwood William Voorsluys
Primary Contact: Richard Sinnott (
Keywords: computer security; data federation; database systems; geospatial information systems; urban and built environment
Disciplines: Computing and Information Systems
Domains: Networks and data in society

The Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) is a $20 million initiative funded through the Australian Government’s Super Science scheme. The project runs to the end of March 2015. AURIN aims to support research into the urban and built environment domain. This will be achieved through developing an advanced e-Infrastructure offering seamless, secure access to a range of distributed data sets, services and tools. The Melbourne eResearch Group is directly involved in the AURIN project in the design, development and delivery of the e-Infrastructure.

Further information: More information on the AURIN project is available at Access to the AURIN e-Infrastructure itself can be made through the Australian Access Federation at Papers describing the AURIN e-Infrastructure are available at