MSE Research Project Database

Hydrologic modelling for a changing world

Project Leader: Murray Peel
Staff: Tom McMahon
Collaborators: David Karoly (Earth Science), Brian Finlayson (Department of Resource Management and Geography), Dr Lu Zhang (CSIRO, Land & Water, Canberra), Prof Günter Blöschl (Vienna University of Technology, Austria), Prof Richard Vogel (Tufts University, USA), Prof Murugesu Sivapalan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA), Prof Rob Wilby (Loughborough University, UK), Dr Vazken Andréassian (Cemagref, France)
Sponsors: ARC (Future Fellowship)
Primary Contact: Murray Peel (
Keywords: Climate change adaptation; environmental hydrology and water resources; hydroclimatology; hydrology; water resources
Disciplines: Infrastructure Engineering
Domains: Optimisation of resources and infrastructure

Climate change represents a significant challenge to Australian water resources management with potentially significant negative socio-economic, political and environmental consequences. To date, climate change impact assessments for Australian water resources have been conducted within the paradigm of hydrologic model parameter stationarity, providing an unjustified sense of precision and results that are likely to be biased. New techniques are required to facilitate a paradigm shift in water resources climate change impact assessments. In this project those new techniques will be developed, tested and applied to the latest climate change projections to provide a more informed assessment of the likely climate change impact on Australia’s water resources.