MSE Research Project Database

Geophysics: from theory to practice

Project Leader: Guillermo Narsilio
Staff: Dongryeol Ryu, Robert Pipunic
Collaborators: , Jeffrey Walker (Monash Univesity)
Primary Contact: Guillermo Narsilio (
Keywords: ecohydrology; geotechnical engineering; remote sensing
Disciplines: Infrastructure Engineering
Domains: Optimisation of resources and infrastructure

Soils, rocks and other porous materials, and processes that take place within them, may be characterised by using waves. Both mechanical and electromagnetic waves can be used to provide complementary information. The use of these techniques is the equivalent of "seeing" or "hearing" the soil. Examples include seismic and ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveying.

Additionally, waves may be utilised to alter or enhance certain processes. For instance, dewatering of mine tailings can be accelerated by applying a DC electric current.

Our research efforts focus on the fundamental understanding, modelling and development of geophysical tools and techniques for both laboratory and in situ applications.

Potential student projects within this research area include:

  • Estimation of the electrical conductivity of soils through transient magnetic fields
  • Electrokinetic dewatering of mine tailings: Modelling and design
  • Non-invasive measurement of soil moisture and salinity for calibration and validation of microwave satellite missions

Further information:

An (disturbed) electromagnetic field that is generated in a source antenna is picked up by the receiver antenna.