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View Robust datamining for medicineartificial intelligence; data mining; health and bioinformatics; machine learning; optimisation
View2D material heterojunctions for optoelectronic applicationsphotonics and electronics
View2D material valleytronics for information processingNanophotonic; nanotechnology; network science; photonics and electronics; Quantum Materials
View6G Networks: Characterisation of human-to-machine (H2M) traffichuman-to-machine (H2M) communication networks; low-latency communication networks; Tactile Internet; traffic characterisation
View6G Networks: Improving resiliency for human-to-machine (H2M) applicationsfast-responding fault detection; human-to-machine communication networks; network protection switching; network survivability; Tactile Internet
ViewA spatial network approach to maintaining river basin ecosystem values and managing hydrological threatscatchment management; environmental hydrology and water resources; environmental water; network science; water resources
ViewA versatile framework for simulating the structure and dynamics of cytoskeletal networksbiopolymers; cell mechanics; computational materials science; fluid dynamics; rheology
ViewAcoustic engineering: microfabrication of acoustic waveguides for non-contact microscale assemblyaeroacoustics; biofabrication; finite element modelling; micro-fluidics; ultrasonics
ViewActive matter: a multiscale simulation method for advanced swimmerscomplex fluids; computational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics; micro-fluidics; soft matter
ViewAdapting communication networks for low-latency human-to-machine (H2M) applicationshuman-to-machine communication networks; low-latency communication networks; Tactile Internet

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