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View3D printing multi-scale porous ceramicsceramic processing
ViewA Bio-Inspired Lightweight Composite System for Blast and Impact Protectionbiomaterials; civil infrastructure; infrastructure protection; numerical modelling
ViewA green lightweight composite panel system using recycled tyrescivil engineering; geopolymers; sustainable systems
ViewA novel application of recycled glass in lightweight concretecivil engineering; geopolymers; sustainable systems
ViewA novel Deep Brain Stimulation system for Parkinson’s disease therapybiomedical engineering; electrophysiology; medical bionics; neuroengineering; Parkinson's Disease
ViewA structurally accurate finite element model of heart cell biomechanicscomputational biology; heart; mechanobiology
ViewAccurate and efficient data integrationdatabase systems; machine learning
ViewAdvanced Process Queryingbusiness process management; process mining; process model repair; process querying
ViewAdversarial Machine Learningartificial intelligence; autonomous systems; computer security; machine learning; optimisation
ViewAn innovative light weight composite panel system for high speed modular constructioncivil engineering; energy efficiency; geopolymers; numerical modelling

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