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ViewEarly detection of internal erosion in dams/levees: bridging between micro and macro scale behaviourartificial intelligence
ViewAI language processing for disambiguation and clarification of intentartificial intelligence; autonomous systems; computational linguistics; machine learning
ViewDeep symbolic learning and planningartificial intelligence; autonomous systems; machine learning
ViewComputer-aided drug design: predicting and mitigating drug toxicity artificial intelligence; bioinformatics; machine learning
ViewSoft matter informatics: intelligent computational material simulation tool for polymer-colloid assembliesartificial intelligence; computational fluid dynamics; computational materials science; rheology; surfactant and polymer structure in solution
ViewMaterials informatics: an intelligent multiscale materials simulation tool for accelerated formulation and in-service life prediction of specialised coatings for defence platformsartificial intelligence; computational materials science; defence; polymeric materials
ViewSoft matter informatics: inverse design engine for block co-polymers artificial intelligence; computational materials science; polymeric materials; rheology
ViewCollaborative anomaly detection in adversarial environmentsartificial intelligence; cybersecurity; deep learning; machine learning
ViewDeep interpretable neural networksartificial intelligence; data mining
View Robust datamining for medicineartificial intelligence; data mining; health and bioinformatics; machine learning; optimisation

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