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ViewFoundations of stochastic filteringdifferential geometry; signal processing
ViewFoundations of systems neurosciencesignal processing; signals and systems; systems neuroscience; systems theory
ViewFPGA and GPGPU implementations of signal processing algorithmssignal processing
ViewFuture low-loss photonic devices at telecomm wavelengths
ViewGame theory for cyber defencecybersecurity; game theory; Internet of Things (IoT); machine learning; optimisation
ViewGas Generation in Biologically-Active Sediments
ViewGeographic knowledge basedata mining; database systems; knowledge discovery; machine learning; spatial information
ViewGraph-based complex pattern mining in electronic health recordscancer; data mining; data structures; health and bioinformatics; machine learning
ViewGraphene-based soft materialsGraphene; Nanoionics; Supercapacitors; Wearable electronics
ViewGreen Cloud: Energy-Efficient Cloud Computingcloud computing; energy efficiency; Internet technologies

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