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ViewDevelopment and evaluation of a novel temporomandibular joint replacementarthritis; biomechanics; joint replacement; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; musculoskeletal modelling
ViewDigital commemorationinteraction design; Internet
ViewSocial media in community health developmentcollaboration environment; interaction design; Internet; public health data linkage; social media
ViewData-driven learning for dynamical systems control and design problemsautonomous systems; complex systems; control and signal processing; evolutionary algorithms; optimisation
ViewNext generation brain-machine interface: Minimally-Invasive electrode array for robotic limb controlbiosignals; brain; brain-machine interface; electroencephalogram EEG; medical bionics
ViewMicrostructure – A microstructural approach to process improvement and product innovation in cheese, cream cheese and yogurt manufactureFood Engineering; Food Manufacturing; Food Processing
ViewAneka: .NET-based Cloud Computingcloud computing; software engineering
ViewiFogSim: A Toolkit for Modeling and Simulation of Resource Management Techniques in Internet of Things, Edge and Fog Computing Environmentscloud computing; Internet
ViewTheoretical and numerical study of auto-ignitioncombustion and emissions; energy efficiency; fluid dynamics; fluid mechanics
ViewReducing bluff-body dragcoherent structures; drag reduction; fluid dynamics; turbulence

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