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ViewHigh-fidelity simulations of high-pressure turbinesenergy efficiency; fluid dynamics; numerical modelling; propulsion systems; turbulence
ViewUnderstanding sound generation in gas turbine combustorscombustion and emissions; energy efficiency; fluid mechanics
ViewFinite sample issues in system identification, change detection and filteringSignal processing; signals and systems; System identification
ViewUltrahigh-speed optical transport for sustaining the internet growth optical communication systems
ViewHarnessing the capacity of optical fibres via few-mode transmissionoptical communication systems
ViewUnified digital networking for wireless and optical accessbroadband access networks; optical communication systems; telecommunications
ViewNew frontiers in ultra-wideband electro-optic measurement technologiesElectro-optic sampling; health and bioinformatics; optical networks
ViewGigabit wireless access using millimeter-wave over optical fiber systemsbroadband access networks; Internet technologies; nanoelectronics; optical communication systems; wireless communication systems
ViewA new method for identifying groundwater contributions to stream baseflowcatchment management; environmental hydrology and water resources; groundwater
ViewCodes over ringscommunications and networks; error control coding

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