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ViewMaterials informatics: an intelligent multiscale materials simulation tool for accelerated formulation and in-service life prediction of specialised coatings for defence platformsartificial intelligence; computational materials science; defence; polymeric materials
ViewExploring the interaction between extracellular matrix molecules that modulate tissue turnover biomaterials; tissue engineering
ViewCan we use marine based sulphated polysaccharides to create new biomimetic material technologies biomaterials; tissue engineering
ViewFoundations of stochastic filteringdifferential geometry; signal processing
ViewDynamic modeling for tennissignal processing; system identification
ViewEnsemble flood, short-term and seasonal river flow forecastingcatchment management; climate change adaptation; environmental hydrology and water resources; hydroclimatology; numerical modelling
ViewEvaluation of residual strength of rock based on acoustic emission dataartificial intelligence
ViewDNA polymer hybrid materialsadvanced control architectures; biomaterials; DNA; nanoengineered materials; smart polymers
ViewFisher-information privacydata privacy; information theory; optimisation; signal processing
ViewNano-scaffolds for neuroengineeringbrain; nanotechnology; neural engineering; neuroimaging; scaffolds

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