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ViewDigital technology and artificial intelligence for mental healthartificial intelligence; mobile phones; natural language processing; social media; ubiquitous computing
ViewDigitally networked dynamical systems: performance and robustness analysiscontrol and signal processing; networked control systems; optimisation; signals and systems; systems theory
ViewDistributed deep learning for cognitive radio networkscommunications and networks; complex and intelligent systems; defence; machine learning; optimisation
ViewDNA polymer hybrid materialsadvanced control architectures; biomaterials; DNA; nanoengineered materials; smart polymers
ViewDynamic modeling for tennissignal processing; system identification
ViewDynamic trajectory optimisation for hypersonic flight vehiclesapplied control theory; autonomous systems; fluid dynamics; optimisation; real-time control
ViewEarly detection of internal erosion in dams/levees: bridging between micro and macro scale behaviourartificial intelligence
ViewEffect of partial drainage on plate anchor capacity in sand civil engineering; geotechnical engineering; numerical modelling
ViewEffective browsing interfaces for digital librarieslocation based services
ViewEfficient and effective adaptive radiotherapycancer; imaging; machine learning; medical image analysis

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