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ViewDigital emotion regulationdata mining; emotion; mobile phones; ubiquitous computing
ViewDigital technology and artificial intelligence for (youth) mental healthartificial intelligence; mobile phones; natural language processing; social media
ViewDNA polymer hybrid materialsadvanced control architectures; biomaterials; DNA; nanoengineered materials; smart polymers
ViewDynamic modeling for tennissignal processing; system identification
ViewDynamic trajectory optimisation for hypersonic flight vehiclesapplied control theory; autonomous systems; fluid dynamics; optimisation; real-time control
ViewDynamics and control of flexible membrane wingsapplied control theory; computational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics; fluid structure interactions
ViewEffective browsing interfaces for digital librarieslocation based services
ViewEffects of convection on the circumpolar circulation and overturning of the Southern Oceancomputational fluid dynamics
ViewEfficient and effective adaptive radiotherapycancer; imaging; machine learning; medical image analysis
ViewEfficient distributed optimisation for real-time controlautonomous systems; real-time control; real-time optimisation

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