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ViewCombining centrifugation and filtration to minimise cake crackingdeformability; separation processes; Solid-Liquid Systems
ViewNanoscale computational engineering of interfaces in alloysdeformability; nanostructured materials; numerical modelling; parallel computing
View Impurity effects in refractory alloysdeformability; machine learning; mathematical modelling
ViewHigh pressure grinding rolls – A revolution in high throughput dewateringdeformability; energy efficiency; Minerals – Processing and Materials
ViewAccurate and efficient data integrationdatabase systems; machine learning
ViewSmartphones for sciencedata mining; mobile phones; sensor networks; ubiquitous computing
ViewSelf-Healing Maps: protecting maps through automatic updating processesdata mining; geodesy; geomatics; spatial data infrastructure; spatial information
ViewDigital emotion regulationdata mining; emotion; mobile phones; ubiquitous computing
ViewSocial media analyticsdata mining; distributed computing; large-scale systems; machine learning; social media
ViewGeographic knowledge basedata mining; database systems; knowledge discovery; machine learning; spatial information

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