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ViewTissue engineering of soft tissuesbiomaterials; scaffolds; tissue engineering
ViewUnderstanding the interaction between extracellular matrix molecules that modulate tissue turnover biomaterials; tissue engineering
ViewUtilising marine based sulphated polysaccharides to create new biomimetic material technologies biomaterials; tissue engineering
ViewBiomechanical evaluation of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair techniques and tendon-transfer surgerybiomechanics; biomedical engineering; disease; musculoskeletal modelling; physiotherapy
ViewHigh-speed x-ray fluoroscopy for the evaluation of dynamic shoulder function in vivobiomechanics; biomedical engineering; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; musculoskeletal modelling; physiotherapy
ViewMechanobiology of cancer cell metastasisbiomechanics; cancer; mechanobiology; systems biology
ViewComputational model of joint breakdown with arthritisbiomechanics; cartilage; mechanobiology; micro-computed tomography; musculoskeletal modelling
ViewBreast density: Estimating a woman's risk of breast cancerbiomechanics; finite element modelling; medical image analysis
ViewCalcium signalling in cardiac cell growthbiomechanics; fluid structure interactions; heart; numerical modelling; systems biology
ViewNeuromuscular control of shoulder joint motion: an EMG-driven modelling approachbiomechanics; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; musculoskeletal modelling; physiotherapy

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