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ViewDesign Tools for Systems and Synthetic Biologybiomedical engineering; computational biology; control and signal processing; numerical modelling; systems biology
ViewNovel mechanisms for continuous micro/nanoparticle manipulationbiomedical engineering; computational fluid dynamics; micro-fluidics; nanotechnology; optimisation
ViewCreating subject-specific mathematical models to understand the brainbiomedical engineering; computational neuroscience; electroencephalogram EEG; neural engineering; neural models
ViewMitochondria form and function in the diabetic heartbiomedical engineering; systems biology
ViewAdvanced epileptic seizure warning methodsbiosignals; computational neuroscience; electroencephalogram EEG; epilepsy; neuroengineering
ViewControl of prosthetic limbs from decoded brain signalsbrain-machine interface; electrophysiology; machine learning; medical bionics; neuroengineering
ViewStudy of brain organoids to understand dementiabrain; electrical stimulation; nanotechnology; neuroengineering; neuroimaging and neuroinformatics
ViewNano-scaffolds for neuroengineeringbrain; nanotechnology; neural engineering; neuroimaging; scaffolds
ViewOptical wireless networking: architectures, systems and technologiesbroadband access networks; nanophotonics; optical communication systems; optical networks; wireless local area networks
ViewCyber security managementbusiness information systems; information security; information systems; organisational information systems

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