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ViewSituated learning for collaboration across language barrierscomputational linguistics; interaction design; machine learning; mobile phones
ViewReal-time optimisationoptimisation; signal processing
ViewElectronic voting for Australian electionscomputer security; Internet; Internet technologies
ViewSoft Matter: Controlling emulsions and foams through interactions between drops and bubbles - from food to minerals processingComplex Fluids; Drops and Bubbles; fluid dynamics; Nanofabrication; Soft Matter; Surface Forces
ViewDairy microstructure and microbiologyfood engineering; food manufacturing; food processing
ViewMelting of Antarctic ice shelves into polar oceancomputational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics
ViewInteraction of convection and horizontal gyre circulation in the North Atlantic Currentcomputational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics; turbulence
ViewHierarchical visual processingbionic eye design and vision; computational neuroscience; electrophysiology; neural models; visual processing
ViewReal-time adaptive optimisationoptimisation; signal processing
ViewRemote sensing for smart sportssensor fusion; signal processing

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