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ViewSoft Matter: Controlling emulsions and foams through interactions between drops and bubbles - from food to minerals processingComplex Fluids; Drops and Bubbles; fluid dynamics; Nanofabrication; Soft Matter; Surface Forces
ViewPorous media research laboratorybrain; geotechnical engineering
ViewGeotechnical design of energy foundationscivil infrastructure; energy efficiency; geotechnical engineering; renewable energy; sustainable cities
ViewGeophysics: from theory to practiceecohydrology; geotechnical engineering; remote sensing
ViewAdvancing a first-principles basis for the prediction and manipulation of turbulent wall-flow transportcoherent structures; fluid dynamics; turbulence
ViewHierarchical visual processingbionic eye design and vision; computational neuroscience; electrophysiology; neural models; visual processing
ViewHuman connectome bioinformaticsBiostatistics; Connectome; neuroimaging; neuroimaging and neuroinformatics
ViewEnsemble flood inundation forecasting using emulators of hydraulic modelsenvironmental hydrology and water resources; numerical modelling
ViewThe impact of strategy on business analytics successIT management
ViewBiomechanics of the shoulder after reverse total shoulder arthroplastyarthritis; biomechanics; biomedical engineering; disease; joint replacement

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