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ViewDecarbonising transport with ammonia fuelsair pollution and emissions abatement; chemical reaction kinetics; combustion and emissions; hydrogen; renewable energy
ViewDeep interpretable neural networksartificial intelligence; data mining
ViewDeep learning of boundary representation from point cloudsdeep learning; geomatics; machine learning; spatial information
ViewDeep symbolic learning and planningartificial intelligence; autonomous systems; machine learning
ViewDeveloping a novel foundation to secure floating renewable energy turbinescivil engineering; geotechnical engineering; numerical modelling; renewable energy; Renewables
ViewDevelopment of autonomous robotic platforms for indoor and outdoor mappingautonomous systems; data structures; robotics; spatial computing; spatial information
ViewDewatering small hydrophobic flocsaggregation; fluid structure interactions; mineral processing; solid-liquid systems; suspension rheology
ViewDielectric metasurfacesnanofabrication; nanophotonics; photonics and electronics
ViewDigital emotion regulationdata mining; emotion; mobile phones; ubiquitous computing
ViewDigital Inclusion: Exploring access and equity in access to technologies and online services disability; information systems; social media; sustainable systems

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